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Je suis une French Creole singer songwriter swinging between London and Paris. I'm in the process of writing and recording my debut album « Griffée » which means scratched/branded. Previously, I adapted the popular French song "Aline" into a half French, half English medley called "Un homme comme toi" (A man like you). I was very honoured to be introduced to Christophe, the original singer/songwriter. My adaptation was also published by Universal. For « Griffée », I've decided to start with another adaptation: « Paroles, Paroles » made famous by the mesmerizing Dalida. The new lyrics are a reflection of our obsession to looking perfect and desirable on social media.  Music is my life; I love writing about people, our fears, dreams and aspirations. With « Parades, Parades » (Pretend, Pretend) and the other songs like « Sexy », « Parfois » (Sometimes) and « Emmène-moi à Londontown » (Take me to Londontown), I strive to present an eclectic musical genre, something special and true to myself. On this journey, I'm collaborating with Zefan Susanto, a multi talented musician and producer from Indonesia. If you would like to join us, do get in touch via the Contact page. Cheers.

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